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Zuva Rabuda KaTwo PaChi-Town

After scoring a treble on the British Standards Institution (BSI) ISO certifications, the country’s leading fuel, lubricants and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) supplier, Zuva Petroleum is on a mission to bring convenience to customers by opening more services stations in the high-density areas.

Last weekend, Zuva officially commissioned two new service stations in Chitungwiza near Makoni and Chikwanha shopping centres to make fuel easily accessible to the Chitungwiza residents.

The Chitungwiza service stations are the first to be built by Zuva in the high-density residential areas since its inception in 2010. Currently, Zuva service stations are more dominant in the low-density suburbs and industrial sites.

“Every day, As Zuva, we focus on serving our customers with a commitment to excellence and convenience through the optimization of our technology, innovation as well as delivery of quality products in a safe environment. We achieve this by investing in researches in order to understand what delights our customers and stakeholders and how we can continuously improve to better serve them,” said Sheila Muzavazi-Matinya, Retail Manager Zuva Petroleum.

“In 2018, we conducted a customer satisfaction survey which showed us that there was a huge demand for our products and services in the high-density areas, so we realized the need to open sites close to our customers, to better serve them by bringing convenience right to their doorstep. Residents of Chitungwiza used to drive long distances to access quality service at Zuva service stations but today this has come to an end. We have brought Zuva to the people of Chitungwiza. This is the first time the business is opening sites in Chitungwiza,” Matinya said.


“We have been barely present in the high-density areas and to imagine Chitungwiza residents having to drive to Harare’s low-density and industrial areas to access quality service at Zuva service stations was something unbearable to us.  We had to act accordingly and today we are commissioning two service stations, both at once to bring convenience to Chitungwiza residents,” Matinya said, adding, “Going forward, Zuva plans to open more service stations in high-density residential suburbs to reduce the customer’s cost of accessing our energy products.”

“Our vision is ‘to become the energy brand of choice every day in Zimbabwe, the region and beyond’ and with such a vision, it is prudent that we are found in the very corner of Zimbabwe,” she said, “As we expand, we hope to continue to empower local people  through our franchise system and continuously create jobs.”

Zuva Petroleum is the first company in Zimbabwe’s Energy sector to be certified on three ISO certifications all at once, namely: ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System, ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System and ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System and the first Zimbabwean company to be certified on the new standard ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health & Safety Management.

“We are the first energy company in Zimbabwe to have LPG at a service station. We have over 60 retail and reselling sites catering for the home consumer. We are the biggest LPG company by both volume and national footprint. Zuva gas serves as a key pillar to safeguard the environment for generations to come by eliminating the use of firewood and other fossil fuels in homes and industries,” said Muzavazi-Matinya. “We are so grateful to Zuva for bringing gas to the people of Chitungwiza, we are tired of having air pumped into our cylinders by unscrupulous off the street gas re-sellers”, said most of the Chitungwiza residents.

The company boasts of an extensive national footprint of over 80 retail service stations across the country with over 60 strategic partners offering the widest range of petroleum products and delivering top-notch customer service.