In everything that we do, the products that we come up with; we have one sole purpose, to make the life of our customers convenient. We understand how busy life can become and we know our card can bring a little bit of sanity into a crazy schedule!

We have taken our time to craft this product to suit your needs and we will continue to improve our offering in order to meet your desired objectives. Our unique fuel card offers the following:

  • Sms updates at every purchase straight to your phone
  • Online updates on all your transactions
  • You will get alerts when your fuel account balance is low, ensuring you never run out of credit unknowingly
  • You can top up your card through MasterCard or Visa
  • Our fuel card offers a comprehensive management system
  • It is safe and secure
  • The fuel card has a fuel chip which forms your fuel wallet. Money loaded onto this may not be used for anything else other than fuel
  • Our card is a two in one, this means that it can also act as a bank card through FBC. Should you be interested in activating this part of your card, please visit any FBC branch to activate your instant account. Transfer money to it and start transacting at any ZimSwitch enabled device!

The fuel management system which customers can use to manage their fleet or loved ones cars, differentiates our fuel card. When you sign up for your card through our website, a personal account is created just for you, sign up today to access the card benefits and more!

Energy clearly in the palm of your hand.

Access the Fuel Card Portal

The Zuva fuel card is a smart card which allows customers to enjoy convenient, secure and manageable fuel services