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History of Border Service Station (Pvt) Ltd

This site was originally started in the early 1960s and was known as Murphy’s Limpopo Garage and consisted of only one pump for petrol and a small corrugated iron hut.   The main purpose was to refuel new vehicles that were imported from South Africa to Zimbabwe.   There were no vehicle assembly plants in the country in those days and all vehicles requirements were imported from South Africa. Shell decided that they needed a site at the Border and took over the operation from Murphy’s Limpopo in early 1965 building a new service station during that year with Standard Bank and a Clearing Agent in the building.   The site was named Border Service Station as can be seen from the attached photo from 1965.




The site above consisted of four pumps, Office and a Kiosk with accommodation on the first floor.   Bulk diesel was also available for truckers requirements. The site proved to be very popular as it was on the National road to South Africa and was operated like this until 1968 when additions were made consisting of additional pumps on the forecourt, Office and a workshop at the back.    A larger Kiosk and Souvenir Shop with more toilets were also added for the comfort of travellers.

In 1975 the Bank, Souvenir Shop and Clearing Agent office was converted into a Supermarket due to the demand by local residents for food, drinks, groceries and hardware goods etc.   At around the same time the new Border Post was opened and the site was no longer on the Main Road. The site remained a Shell site until BP and Shell Zimbabwe were taken over by Zuva Petroleum.

In August and September of 2015 Zuva Petroleum gave the site a facelift with new digital pumps, new facia and Zuva Petroleum colours.   New MID Sign was installed giving the site a very modern look which has proved to be popular with our customers. Our appreciation must go to Zuva Petroleum Management for the ‘facelift’. The trees have made a very welcome addition to the site and create a shady area for our Customers.   Ours is the ‘coolest’ Service Station in Beitbridge. Border Service Station is proud to have operated the site for over 50 years since inception in 1965. Thanks must go to our staff who have remained very loyal to us over the years and have seen us go through good and bad times.


Our facilities include :

  • Blend Petrol and Diesel – always available in a clean and tidy environment
  • Fully stocked Supermarket at competitive prices
  • Workshop facilities for vehicle maintenance and Breakdowns
  • Well stocked Kiosk on the forecourt for travellers requirements
  • Lubricants and tyre facilities readily available for Customers