Bulk LPG Supply

In addition to home heating and cooking applications, LPG is the ideal fuel for numerous industrial applications. It is safe, reliable, energy efficient and clean burning. Your LPG supply options include tanker delivery for bulk LPG users and exchange gas cylinder service for lower volume LPG users. Bulk LPG gas supply and storage is provide that fits the needs of your business.

Hospitality & Commercial Cooking

Chefs around the world in restaurants and hotels prefer the instantly controllable heat of a direct flame gas cooktop that wraps around the pan providing the ultimate cooking experience. With electricity in short supply, it’s worth exploring cooking with LPG. It can also power your hot water and room heaters. Zuva Gas can reliably supply your business with all your gas needs.


Whether indoor or outdoors, Zuva Gas has you covered with a clean and reliable fuel for your restaurant or hotel patios and conference rooms.

Let’s Partner Up

The Zuva Gas Reseller Programme is your chance to be empowered by an industry-first program from a market-leading provider.