The quest for lower combustive fuel emissions is a critical element of environmental preservation by the elimination of greenhouse gases. Zuva is committed to playing a significant role in this noble endeavour and is focused on bringing cleaner fuel products into the market that work more proficiently with new vehicle engines designed to burn fuel more efficiently in a manner that enables lesser polluting emissions in line with modern world standards. Our Low Sulphur Diesel (LSD) products are refined to meet the world’s most stringent requirements on combustive fuel emissions.

The diesel we deliver daily to our customers daily through our extensive network is of the highest quality and is consistent with the best world production standards.

Our Diesel products are offered in two grades to optimise use and purpose compatibility. These are:

Diesel 500ppm (parts per million) which is used primarily for industrial applications and mobility by major mining, power and transport companies.

Diesel 50 ppm
(parts per million) which is suited for all types of medium and high speed diesel engines found in mobile, portable and stationary equipment engines. It is eminently suitable for modern high speed automobile diesel engines including modern common rail high speed direct injection technology (HSDI) designed to run on fuels of this type where continuous high performance, power, cleaner combustion and improved economy are required.

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